Grazing Tables

A Grazing Table is a large format appetizer spread that lets us be creative and thorough with aesthetics and food presentation.

Our grazing tables include everything from artisanal cheeses, fresh in house sliced gourmet cured/uncured meats & a wide variety of curated accompaniments from fresh bread, crackers, jams & spreads to crudités with dips, dried fruit and fresh fruit. Grazing Tables are a beautiful & fun experience that brings everyone together.

Each table that we curate is designed to be an interactive appetizer which is enhanced through its presentation of local and gourmet ingredients. We are here to take any party or gathering to the next level!

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If you are inquiring about a grazing table please list the following in the contact form:

How many people you wish to serve

Time & Date of event

Any Allergies or dietary restrictions

If this is for a special occasion

**please give us at least 48 hours in advance for a grazing table

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